Women's Supper Club FAQ

Thinking of hosting or attending a Supper Club but have a few questions? Hopefully they will be answered here. If not, feel free to contact Lora Doremus or Tonya Wright for more information.

What is a "Supper Club?" 

In our busy culture it can be challenging to truly connect with other women. A "Supper Club" is a gathering of 6-8 women to enjoy an easy-going meal and fellowship. Groups will meet at various places and times throughout the month of July. Hopefully you'll find it a great opportunity to strengthen existing friendships and begin new ones.  

​Does it have to be supper?

​It can be whichever meal you enjoy most or that your schedule will allow. Breakfast, brunch, lunch. It's all up to you. We're hoping there will be a good variety of options for women to choose from. 


Is this for women only?

Yes. However if you have a guy in your life who would be interested in joining other guys for a meal, have them contact Rick Wright at or Jeff Doi at . If there's enough interest, the men may decide to coordinate something similar.


Can a friend and I host together?

​Absolutely! There will be a place at the bottom of the host registration form where you can add any additional information. Add your friend's name there and you're good to go.


Am I able to invite friends to be part of my Supper Club?

​​The focus of this gathering is to grow closer to acquaintances and perhaps make some new friends. Please save getting together with your close friends for another time. 

Will there be childcare?

​No, we are not able offer childcare. Maybe you'd like to consider hosting a group at a time and place that works well for mothers of young children.


I'd like to host. How do I sign up?

​Click here to register as a host from June 2nd-14th. 


I'm not interested in hosting, but I'd like to participate in a group.

​Sign-up forms will be in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings June 16th and 23rd or click here. Email Tonya or Lora if you won't be at church on those days and we'll do our best to find a group that will work for you.


Can I invite women who don't attend UBC?

​Yes! If you have a friend or neighbor who would enjoy getting to know other women over a casual meal, feel free to invite them. 


I still have a question or two.

Email Tonya Wright at  or Lora Doremus at .