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"Your Serve" Ministry (Focus, Dec 2016)

Posted by UBC Staff on

The primary purpose of the Your Serve ministry is to guide adult UBC members to a ministry serving opportunity that is a perfect fit for them. Did you know that there are twenty-two categories that contain over three hundred ways to serve Christ through the ministries of UBC with time commitments that range from one hour per month to several hours per week?

Since our last Focus Meeting in 2016, almost forty UBC new members have completed our online questionnaire and visited with a Connection Team Member to investigate a place of service here at UBC.

The ministry descriptions for all serving opportunities are matched with the online questionnaire that evaluates a member’s interests and serving values. As soon as an adult UBC member completes the online questionnaire, he or she can view the various UBC ministry opportunities that match his or her interests and serving values by using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Although some new adult UBC members discover a place of service to investigate during their visit with a Connection Team Member, it’s important to note that a UBC member is not obligated to commit to a specific place of service during or after their discussion with a Connection Team Member. We want each member to feel the leading of the Holy Spirit and have time to think and pray about their place of service before making a commitment to serve.

As UBC members engage with the Your Serve ministry, they are often surprised to know how many service opportunities are available to serve Christ through the ministry of UBC and how intentional UBC is about enlisting people in a ministry. We would like to extend this opportunity to current UBC members via our sign-up table in the Fellowship Hall every Sunday. If you would like for me to deliver a five minute presentation about the Your Serve ministry for your WBS Group, please contact me and I will be pleased to schedule a date and time for this brief presentation.




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