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Worship Center Update (Focus, Aug 2016)

Posted by David Mobley on

The Worship Center at UBC was originally built over thirty years ago in 1984; therefore, most of the wiring and some equipment date to that time. While the last major update of the sound and theatrical lights occurred in 1999, many media systems and components are now past their designed “end-of-life,” and are now failing or are at-risk. The industry shift to digital media and the effects of digital TV broadcasting have also seriously changed church media technology within the last ten years. To address these issues, we have begun to replace some of the most critical systems used in our worship as funds allow.

This semester, we updated the wireless microphone system ($26.7 thousand dollars) and replaced a soundboard and associated equipment ($7.9 thousand dollars) in the Multimedia Room used for audio distribution within the facility, for recording, and for producing sermon podcasts.

These new systems are current state-of-the-art for digital media and will "feed forward" into a more significant renovation of the Worship Center ahead. To minimize cost, these system replacements continue to be designed and installed by our volunteer media team, savings many tens of thousands of dollars over the years. New volunteers to the media team and new training this fall will go hand-in-hand with the new equipment to continue to serve two very different and rich worship environments every Sunday.  


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