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Thoughts from Africa: Kyle Wilson

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So you’re ready to come to Africa?!

Here’s what you need to expect. 

Heart-wrenching stories of women and children being raped. 
Sobering relationships developed with children, 9-12 years olds living as the head of their household and caring for younger siblings. 

Poverty like you have never experienced.

Physical and spiritual darkness you can’t imagine. Just to name a few…

But you will also experience:
Beautiful people that love beyond their lot in life. 
Amazing friends working every day to battle these dark efforts. 
A church that goes to the people.

The most beautiful country that will literally take your breath away. 
People with hearts of joy that will bring tears to your soul because of their love. 
Oh, and don’t think you will return with your whole heart.

Once here there will always be a part of you that stays behind. 


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