Senior Pastor's Report, Fall 2018

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Two of our Core Values at UBC are Transforming Communities and Sacrificial Generosity. In just about every Focus Book you’ll find stories where these values are illustrated, sometimes in quite extravagant ways, and this edition is certainly no different. As we drew near to publication time, I was reminded by some of our staff of how the sacrificial generosity of our membership in maintaining and developing our campus and facilities creates constant opportunities for our community to find their way to our door and spend time here in our house of worship. 

- Every year that I’ve been at UBC, and several years before me, the local chapter of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for women has met here weekly during the school year. 

- Every major election sees the UBC chapel transform into a polling location, as numerous residents in our immediate vicinity come here to volunteer and to vote. 

- Multiple fitness and running groups meet at UBC, some weekly and some daily. 

- The Bay Area Music Teachers’ Association has held events here as recently as this past semester. 

- CCISD and individual schools in our district have used UBC facilities for PTA gatherings, teachers’ meetings, and music events, including a joint choir of 500 high school boys, along with their fathers and grandfathers (see picture below). 

- Our local AME (African Methodist Episcopal) church held their Women of the Gospel conference here this past semester. 

- Our local Boy Scout and Sea Scout troops meet at UBC throughout the year. 

- Every Friday during the school year a local home school co-op uses our building for joint educational opportunities. 

All of these ministries take place completely apart from our church’s calendar, staff, advertising, and communication efforts. They are independent, external community ministries, organizations, and programs that come to us for space to meet, sing, learn, grow, and celebrate. And most of these things happen without many in our church family even knowing about it! 

Throughout the years, the members of our church have made our campus and facilities a priority of ministry, not only for our own immediate church family but also for our community. And the Lord has been, and continues to be, faithful in opening doors for us to connect with our neighbors and play numerous roles in Transforming our Community here in the Bay Area, thanks in large part to the ongoing sacrificial generosity of UBC members like yourself. This book is your book. It is your family at work. It is full of your stories; your testimonies; your Kingdom work. 

Thanks for everything you do to make this such a special place. 

Steven Laufer 

Senior Pastor 


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