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Senior Adult Revival (Focus, Jan 2016)

Posted by Dr. Milton Redeker on

During the month of September, a three-day senior adult revival was held in the Chapel. Centered around the theme of Stuart Hamblin’s hymn, “Until Then,” attendees enjoyed worship with speaker Dr. John Bisagno, a retired pastor of the 22,000-member First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas and author, including the best seller, “The Power of Positive Praying.” Special musical guests were George and Darline Archer. 


Darline and I want to express again what a blessing it was for us to be a part of your Senior Adult Revival. What a special time that was for us! Seeing so many that we have not seen in a very long time was very refreshing. Each of you brings so many memories to us, and our time we had together. Your participation in the services was such an encouragement. What a joy it was to work with Dr. Bisagno again. 

We also want you to know that your support of our ministry through your generous Love Offering was much appreciated. We are always willing to go, but having the financial support that makes it possible has come from those who are obedient and generous in their giving. You demonstrated that in a huge way. We pray God’s richest blessing on you, UBC, and your pastor and staff. 

You always remain in our prayers and we urge you to pray for us daily as we continue to serve Him each day of our lives. 


George and Darline Archer


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