One Sunday (a story loosely based on facts)

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This story is something I made up. It's a conglomeration of true stories I have heard over the years with some slight embellishments.

It COULD happen though!

One Sunday I attended University Baptist Church. I pulled into the parking lot where someone had set up cones so that overflow parking was available in case it was needed. I walked through a clean parking lot that someone obviously maintains and down a sidewalk neatly trimmed with flowers that someone had planted and someone takes care of. The trees had been neatly trimmed by someone, too. Boy, these people must really care about this place!

As I entered the building someone greeted me warmly and held the door for my family and me.

I asked someone where my children should go and they took me to a place called Connection Cafe where someone walked with me to the children's area. Someone greeted my child warmly and welcomed her into her classroom. Then I dropped my baby off in the nursery to someone who seemed so happy to hold my precious son and rock him back to sleep. Many, many people were working in the children's and preschool areas. I was so impressed with their warm and fun filled attitudes!

As I was dropping off my younger children I met a teenager who was dropping off her baby sister. I asked her where the high school students should go. You see, we just moved here and my older daughter feels very uncomfortable around all these strangers. But that delightful young girl invited my daughter to go with her up to the student area. She actually grabbed my daughter by the elbow and said, "Come on! Let's go together!" What a relief when I saw my sweet daughter laugh and run down to the staircase.

I stopped by the restroom and noticed how beautifully someone had decorated the room. I had already noticed other beautiful areas in the building that made me think about how lovely God must be. Even more beautiful than those lovely flowers that someone had placed in the foyer.

I went into the fellowship area and poured myself a cup of coffee that someone had brewed and picked up a donut that someone had placed on the table there. While I was drinking my coffee someone walked up to me and we had a delightful conversation about where I used to live. I miss it there, but this place might not be so bad after all.

After I finished my coffee and donut someone else asked me if I was a visitor and invited me to sit with them during the worship service. As we walked into the sanctuary someone smiled at me and handed me a bulletin and told me he was glad I was there! The room was crowded, but someone showed me a comfortable place to sit. I was so glad he did that, because it would have felt awkward wandering around looking for a space large enough for all four of us to sit together. As I sat there waiting for the service to begin I looked around at how beautiful the room is. Someone had really put a lot of thought and effort into making the room worshipful, filled with peace and beauty.

I spent a few engrossed moments reading the slides that were scrolling by on the screen informing me about everything coming up at UBC. Someone had put a lot of effort and creativity into all those pictures and graphics! Someone was going to be teaching a parenting class. Someone was coming to perform a concert at UBC next weekend and I imagined how many people it would take to host an event like that. Many groups were planning mission trips to tell the world about Jesus Christ. Someone must be really serious about Jesus if they are willing to spend their vacation time and their money that way.

My attention was suddenly captured by someone who began to play an instrument. Someone was singing. Then many people began to sing. Then all of us were invited to join in. Someone turned the lights down a little and I was glad because I was starting to get tears in my eyes and I didn't want anyone to see. After the song someone walked up to a microphone that someone had placed there. (I noticed a lot of electrical and sound equipment. Someone must really know what they are doing to put all of that stuff in place every week!) The person began to pray. When I closed my eyes one of my tears escaped. I had to wipe it away quickly before anyone noticed.

Then someone spoke to us about God. He spoke in such a comfortable, inviting way, but there seemed something urgent in his message. And I could hear every word because someone had set the sound level just right. After the message several people passed plates for an offering to God. And everyone gave so willingly. God must be so pleased to use money that someone offers so cheerfully. Then someone told a story about what God had done in his life. Well, there go the tears again. I sure would love to see God work in my life that way.

Next, someone announced several upcoming Bible Study classes that someone will be leading. Maybe I'll join one so that God can work in my life the way that story person was describing. Then there was more music and we were dismissed to go to classes. I was preparing to leave but someone sitting in the pew behind us asked us if we were in a class. When they found out we weren't they invited us to theirs. So we went! In the classroom someone handed us a guest form to fill out. They explained that someone works very hard to enter all new information into a data base so that we will be sure to be informed about news and upcoming stuff at UBC. Someone may even send me something in the mail. Then someone taught the class. Someone else took attendance. Someone talked about a service project that they had found for the class to participate in. Everyone talked so comfortably with each other about God. I had never really experienced that before.

After class we headed back to the children's area to gather our kids. They were so happy to have come that morning...even my teenaged daughter, who found me near the nursery. As I was handed my sleeping son I noticed that his diaper had been changed. I was so glad because we had been invited to lunch and everyone was waiting for us.

As we walked through the Fellowship Hall I noticed several registration tables that someone had set up. Someone was standing behind each one, inviting me to join a Bible class, go on a mission trip or a retreat, or help with disaster relief. As we walked my older daughter chatted with me about her experience up on the third floor. Someone had welcomed her, someone had taught her a Bible lesson that really made her think, and several kids even had their own band that played for all the kids every week. She had been invited to join the band when they found out she knows how to play keyboard. I've never seen her so excited! Also, someone was going to take a group of kids downtown to feed the homeless and she wanted to know if she could go too!

Later that week someone from UBC called me. I had some questions so a couple of the pastors visited us a few days later. I learned a lot from our conversation. We made friends with the couple that we sat with that first week, and one day, over coffee, my friend invited me to make the most important decision I have ever made in my life: the decision to stop trying to live my life on my own but to begin to follow Jesus and do things His way.

I'm so glad all those "Someones" gave their time and talents to God here at UBC. My life is different now because of ALL of them!

Hmmmm, I wonder where I should serve now...


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