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I was raised in Venezuela, the son of missionaries.  My worldview and early spiritual development took shape in a country that was foreign to my parents, yet was completely normal and familiar to me.  I truly believe that I would not be at UBC today if the template, the baseline of my early life had not been immersed in service and missions in that little country that sits on the top of South America.  For the past 20-years Venezuela has been in steady decline due to government corruption, increased crime, and unimaginable inflation. Today Venezuela is a country in crisis.  People are extremely food insecure and working-aged adults have emigrated to surrounding countries by the tens of thousands in order to get work that can support themselves and their remaining relatives back home.  The Venezuelan Baptist convention, in cooperation with the Baptist Global Response of the International Mission Board, along with missionaries Paul and Delia Lozuk are collaborating to train national missionaries organic gardening and water purification methods.  The training is scheduled to take place at the Baptist Camp (Campo Carabobo).  There is ample space at that camp to expand vegetable gardens, plant dozens of fruit trees, and space for livestock and poultry.  The camp will supply locals with food, but it will also serve as a training ground for local missionaries who can take their newfound knowledge to others in Venezuela – planting seeds of agriculture and seeds of eternal value along the way.  Millions of Venezuelans are praying for God to end the corruption, violence, hunger and despair in their country.  The mission needs in Venezuela have grown beyond the resources of any single person to meet.  If you are curious and would like to know more about the crisis and needs in Venezuela, please click the attached newsletter from a fellow Baptist.  The attachment also contains links if you are interested in giving towards these projects.  Lastly, there are a handful of people at UBC who lived in Venezuela and who still love that country, so if you’d like to network among them please contact the UBC serving office at and we will get you connected!



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