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Living the Story: Brad Smith

Posted by Brad Smith on

This summer, Pastor Steve told the stories of Jonah, Nehemiah and Ruth. The summer series was called Living the Story. We asked you to share your story with us, your UBC Family. These are those stories…

1985: As I considered missions, I worried about my family. I knew of children who, hating missionary life, had rejected God. Reading Scripture convinced me that my kids would suffer no spiritual harm if we went overseas.

1988-89: One of our sons, miserable in Latin America, became angry with us for ripping him out of his home environment. I wondered if I had misunderstood God’s promise about my family.

1992: One morning my son suddenly commented, “Dad, if we hadn’t gone overseas I don’t think I would have become a Christian.” “Why?” I asked, surprised. “I assumed you hated everything about the move.” “I did,” he replied. “But I had to get my comfortable life pulled out from under me to see that it wasn’t enough that my parents knew and trusted God. I needed to know and to trust Him for myself.” Serving overseas, far from harming my family, brought blessing to them.


We served with Latin America Mission (now part of United World Mission) from 1988-1996.



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