LA Trip Sunday

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Today is our last full day in LA. How appropriate to start off with worship at The House LA. The first thing we did when we arrived was to look for Levi. He never showed. I didn’t think he would, but...maybe.

Worship was wonderful. The visiting band was amazing, and Louis’ sermon was motivating to enter into that solitary place with God, placing Him above everything and everyone else, being willing to be completely obedient no matter what He asks you to do. Aaron told us a story about a man that came to The House once, out of his head...throwing chairs. Louis had been trying to help this man. When the police came and drew their weapons on the man, Louis placed himself between the man and the police with their drawn guns. I think this type of behavior gives Louis the credibility to exhort us to be obedient to God in every situation, no matter what it costs you.

After church, we got to know Charles, an architect and restaurant owner. He has close connections with missionaries in the Amazon region. Every year the villages flood and the people have to spend valuable resources and time to repair their ruined flooring. Charles is designing secure housing that floats as the water rises. This concept is of great interest to the city of Los Angeles as a possible solution to the homeless issue. LA has recently declared a state of emergency regarding this issue. It’s. Really. Bad.

After church, we toured China Town and then we met for dinner at Charles’ restaurant where he and his wife Cheryl treated us to a HUGE dinner! The place is the same concept as Benihanas except WAY better. Our chef was so much fun. Charles’s wife Cheryl designed the appetizers. They were so delicious! We found room at the end of the meal for one...more...bite...of dessert and then headed out after many hugs and goodbyes.

Every evening our team has tried to meet under the trees at the place where we’re staying (William Cary International University). We download the day and try to think about what to do with all that we’re learning. Louis and Anna said a lot about how our mere presence here is such an encouragement to them. The fact that we cared enough to come out here and join them, see their work, pray with them and help for a few days meant the world to them. I am not the same person I was when I arrived. I remember all the stories: Alex, Robert, Michael, LaPaul, Levi...

Levi. As we were about to leave after church Elvia, Ben Baldwin and I walked around to the tent community looking for Levi. As we called out his name, he said, “I’m here! Sorry, I’m bird bathing!” I assume that means that he was doing some sort of hygiene work. He stuck his head out, and we told him that we wanted to say goodbye. We’re going back to Houston. I asked him to please remember our conversation from yesterday. God loves him. He smiled so big.

As we walked away, Ben said, “He has such a nice face.”


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