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Kids' Area Renovation Update (Feb 2017)

Posted by David Mobley on

The kids’ area renovation is making excellent progress. Ultimately, it will provide greater accommodation for our children, improve ease of transition between worship services, increase the functionality of space and enhance safety. In addition, it will provide our children with the skills and tools they need and allow them to envision how they might serve in their community and around the world while reaching their full potential in Christ.

The kids’ area renovation has been divided into three phases. Phase 1 was the Great Room renovations, including improved lighting and sound. This phase is complete. Phase 2 was an improved welcome area, a renovated workroom and reconfigured restroom facilities. This phase is also complete. 

We have started the final project phase which will complete the north side classrooms, hallways, kitchen, technology updates, and the Belonging, Preparing, and Serving theming throughout the whole area.

UBC has responded so generously during our latest emphasis as we asked for 200 families to provide $1,000 each to complete the improvements. Thank you to the 84 families that have provided $150,000 towards the $200,000 needed to complete the improvements. We have started work on the final phase but will need the remaining $50,000 to finish. 

The total cost of all three phases is approximately $725,000, which is less than the cost of the adult area renovation. The renovation project is being funded entirely with cash payments. It is important to note that UBC has always demonstrated an ability to be generous with our capital campaigns while being faithful to budget giving. During every capital campaign, budget giving has actually increased. 

Please visit the website www.ubc.org/KidsInFlight for more detailed information about the renovation. We encourage you to tour the area and see the progress being made. Thank you for your contributions to this exciting change that will positively impact the future of our church and God’s Kingdom.



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