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Posted by David Mobley on

I did what some may call crazy…with my two sons, Joshua and Stephen, we jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. It was the day before Stephen’s wedding and it was an awesome experience. Lots of good God moments when you are standing in an open door looking at the patchwork of the earth at 10,000 feet.

There wasn’t any sensation of falling. Quite the opposite, it was as if we were suspended in air though we were accelerating towards earth at 32 ft/sec2 (pedal to the metal for those that are not physics geeks). As we were free-falling the roar of the wind passing by my face completely stifled any talking between me and the guy strapped to my back whose job it was to get the old man down safely.

Then he pulled the cord and instantly it went to a completely quiet and peaceful scene. We could now converse and enjoy the scenery. I was strapped in tight and it was a little unnerving when he loosened the straps to make us more comfortable. As weird as it sounds that was actually the scariest part of the trip.

It was such a reflection of my journey with God at times. I know He securely has a hold of me. Yet life is flying by so quickly and with such force that I find it hard to converse. Then God pulls the cord and in the midst of falling through life, I hear His voice and find myself, though still at risk, completely at peace.

Jumping out of a plane isn’t for everyone—though I am so glad we did it—but trusting that God is making the journey with us is quite exhilarating.

Need a little push……


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