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Faith@Home Marriage Event: The Tanner's

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Get to know the Tanner's! 

Where did you meet?

In the Young Adult Bible Study at UBC.

How long have you been married?

Just celebrated 9 years on March 20.

How many kids?

Four- Michelle had Madisyn (14) from a previous relationship and then together we have Megan (8), Jack and Liam (5)

Who is the better cook?

When it comes to grilling and smoking meat, Will. Everything else would have to be Michelle.

Biggest challenge of marriage?

Putting your spouses needs above your own. Selflessness is hard y’all.

Favorite and least favorite part of marriage?

Favorite- Just doing life with your best friend. The challenges that life brings seem less daunting with a partner by your side. Plus the intimacy part isn’t bad either.

Least favorite - Adulting. Jobs, Bills, Responsibilities can all be things that drain a marriage and distract you from your spouse.

Favorite memory as a couple?

When our twins were 7 months old, we took a trip together. What was supposed to be a cruise ended up being a week in Las Vegas (long story). Our plane landed in Vegas at 9am Monday morning and after breakfast and walk around we decided to go back to the hotel to take a quick nap and then get ready for our dinner reservations and a show. When we woke up and it was 7 o’clock we started to scramble to get ready until we realized it was seven IN THE MORNING! We had slept the entire rest of the day and all night. And we felt like brand new humans. We spent the week coming out of our twin newborn fog and exploring and laughing and remembering all the reasons we had fallen in love and liked spending time together. And when we came back home we made a promise that we would make sure to keep dating one another and make alone time a priority so we could come up from the fog more often.

Do you have a couple goal?

Other than keeping kids alive?!

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