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Faith@Home Marriage Event: The Horne's

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Get to know The Horne’s!

Where did you meet?

In Houston at Deborah’s friend’s apartment, her date didn’t show, and she got stuck hanging out with me. (She was initially unimpressed.)

How long have you been married?

31 Years

How many kids?

Three boys, Matthew 29, Michael 29, Ryan 25

Who is the better cook?

Jim is the better cook. He studied hotel/restaurant management. Breakfast is his specialty!

Biggest challenge of marriage?

Learning to accept each one's personalities, in our situation one is a perfectionist (Deborah), and one doesn’t care anything about perfection (Jim)

Favorite and least favorite part of marriage?

Favorite- experiencing the joys of raising our children ( Although we are having a great time currently without the kids)

Least favorite - when life gets so busy you forget to show the love and attention you should for your spouse.

Favorite memory as a couple?

The births of our children!

Do you have a couple goal?

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!!!

What does marriage mean to you?

Always having someone to lean on for comfort in the difficult times and in which to experience the joys and blessings of life


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