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Facilities Update (Focus, Jan 2016)

Posted by David Mobley on

New Learning Center Chiller 

We were blessed with sufficient cash flow from last year’s budget to replace the 130-ton AC chiller for the Learning Center. The $110,000 project went smoothly and did not require us to access reserves. 

Mission Training Center 

Long sought after and much awaited, we have received approval from Clear Lake Water Authority to complete the parking lot for the Mission Training Center. To compensate for the building and the parking lot, we are required to construct a detention area at the back of the property. The detention area will collect rain water, allowing it to be slowly released into the storm drains but will otherwise be dry. 

To lower costs and to add a great feature to the Pavilion, the excavated dirt is being used to create a berm on the west side of the pavilion. It will provide an opportunity for future event viewing as well as great play space for our kids (and adults who act like kids). 

The additional generosity of the donor is allowing us to complete the outside of the Mission Center and activate the storage area for our disaster relief and construction equipment. The training rooms, restrooms and additional storage will be completed when we are resolved with the architect’s estate. 


To prevent any loss of our investment, we have completed several aspects of the Pavilion. We will continue with additional improvements (sidewalks, stamped concrete, utilities) within the current funding. Completion of the roof, restrooms, food serving area and multimedia equipment will be completed when we are resolved with the architect’s estate. 


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