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Executive Director’s Report

Posted by David Mobley on

We tend to overcomplicate things. Ever heard those words? Maybe you’ve spoken them.

We Houstonians live in the midst of the NASA community, as well as one of the most petrochemical business-laden areas of the world. We are home to world-renowned medical facilities and, more locally, boast a top-ranked school district. The list could continue. “Simple” simply isn’t something that comes to mind when you think of the Clear Lake area.

But simple and innocent are what came to mind when I thought about my wife, Diann’s brother, Cody, who recently went to be with the Lord. (That’s a great phrase.)

Cody was very unique. As a young child, Cody ran an incredibly high fever for several days. They didn’t understand the effects of medical treatments in those days, and though he was smart, he peaked at about a fifth grade mindset. So as an adult, he still had a simple child-like faith and approach to life. Something that taught me good, and often entertaining, lessons.

You were never left wondering what Cody was thinking since he had very few filters on what he said or did. When checking into the hospice, one of the nurses who knew him at the nursing home asked him if he remembered her. His response was so typical. “Aren’t you the one that was fired?” She laughed as she told us the story.

Then we began meeting a parade of individuals who came by to pay their last wishes and tell their stories of how Cody had impacted their lives. Cody made coffee every Sunday morning for the singles group at Green Acres in Tyler, and participated with them in Bible studies and retreats. He entertained many during the holidays as he looked exactly like Santa Claus—and he played it up well. Simple faith with simple actions of service made Cody known and loved.

As you read about the Kingdom work accomplished through the lives of those at UBC, most of it wasn’t something that could be done simply. Yet the Lord is so gracious to use each of us in so many ways to accomplish His Kingdom purposes.

Take comfort that ministry unfolds through the simplest things we do.


Be strong and courageous,

David Mobley, Executive Director


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