Executive Director's Report, Fall 2018

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We were blessed to spend Christmas morning through New Year’s Day with our twin three-year-old grandsons, and their nine-month-old brother in Portland, OR. Oh, and their parents were there also. Beautiful boys, in a beautiful family, in a beautiful place. 

The weekend after Christmas we attended their Saturday evening church service. During the service, my attention was drawn to the stage rear curtains. They alternated between purple and black. I immediately thought about the contrast between God’s majesty represented in the purple and my sin represented by the black. I felt the Lord quiet me, so I left that thought. Later in the service, I realized they were not alternating curtains. All the curtains were black, but every other one was lit by a purple light. The Lord then clearly brought to my mind that it isn’t about my darkness, it’s about His light and glory. 

It is easy to listen to those voices that distract us from reflecting God’s Glory to those around us. They can be so subtle and reasonable with their partial truths. But it is much more fulfilling to be obedient to God’s call and instructions and then watch as the light of His Truth and Glory brings hope and life to those we encounter. Many times, it simply requires us to quiet ourselves, wait on the Lord to reveal the reality of who we are in Him and follow His lead. 

The Focus Book is full of stories and accounts of people who have done just that. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. As you read these accounts and reports, I hope the Lord uses them to encourage you as we walk through this journey in “Becoming a Family of Christ Followers.” 

The Lord has blessed us as a beautiful people, in a beautiful family, in a beautiful place called UBC, to “Connect People to God’s Kingdom.” 

Be strong and courageous, 

David Mobley 


UBC Staff Christmas 2018

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