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Rick's Sabbatical 2017: Story 6
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“TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN” (AUGUST 15 - 31) After a few days of rest at home following the London/Lee Abbey adventure-in-England, I flew out on Sunday evening, August 13, headed for Greenville, SC. Some might have thought I was going to view the Eclipse of the Sun since Greenville...

Rick's Sabbatical 2017: Story 5
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"REAL GET-AWAY"  (AUGUST 1 - 15)  All three times that I've taken Sabbatical from UBC, one of my primary goals has been to get away from it all—from church, and church members (no offense), and church staff, and even family, to some extent.  Obviously, that hasn't happened...

Rick's Sabbatical 2017: Story 4
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“Another World”  (July 16 – 31) Kay and I left Little Rock on Saturday the 22nd of July, after the Arkansas Meet of Champs Swim Meet, in which Ellie and Levi competed—lots of ribbons and medals, I might add—headed home with one goal in mind—to wash...

Rick's Sabbatical 2017: Story 3
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“Family – You Can’t Pick’em”  (July 1 – 15)  Our first venture away in Sabbatical 2017 was a visit to Kay’s family in Louisville, Kentucky, with a quick trip to Bee Spring for Kay’s dad’s family reunion. I mentioned then that...

Rick's Sabbatical 2017: Story 2
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"Sidetracked?" (June 16 – 30) After a visit with Kay's parents in Louisville, Kentucky, I had decided I'd better make room for my mom. So the plan was to drive to Dothan, Alabama, and spend a week or so with my mother, while at the same time, finding lots of peace and quiet for reflection...

Rick's Sabbatical 2017: Story 1
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“In the Beginning . . .”  (June 1 – 15) It was on a Thursday, June 1 in fact, that I began Sabbatical 2017.  And it was on Friday the next day that I sat in the dental chair for 3 hours while the doc re-treated a previous root canal, an experience not unlike the...