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LA Trip Sunday
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Today is our last full day in LA. How appropriate to start off with worship at The House LA. The first thing we did when we arrived was to look for Levi. He never showed. I didn’t think he would, but...maybe. Worship was wonderful. The visiting band was amazing, and Louis’ sermon...

LA Trip Saturday
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The word got out that we were going to be doing a clean-up around the church today. A Korean Youth organization provided the tools and bags, and the city sent a representative from the sanitation department. We had to be trained because the trash in the streets around there includes syringes...

LA Trip Friday
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Today we took a tour at Homeboy Industries, founded by Jesuit priest Father Gregory Boyle. Homeboy Industries is a gang-intervention program located in Boyle Heights (no connection), the gang capital of the world. It is a self-sustaining business, bakery, cafe and job source. Look on Netflix for...

LA Trip Thursday
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Today was a free day to process what we’ve learned. We ate breakfast in a comfortable coffee shop filled with successful-looking people. There seems to be an unspoken understanding here that, no matter how close you stand or sit next to a stranger, you sort of act like they’re not...

LA Trip Wednesday
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  On Wednesday we visited the Union Rescue Mission in downtown LA. This huge mission has been in operation since 1891. In the beginning, they utilized a “Gospel Wagon” to ride around picking up any who were willing to receive help. Some think that this is the origin of the...

LA Trip Tuesday
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We arrived in Los Angeles yesterday to a balmy day that quickly got super hot. It's two hours earlier here, so we got to eat breakfast twice which was fun! The guy sitting next to me on the plane described LA as a zoo. Houston is a huge city, but LA feels like chaos...sensory overload. Super...

My Granddog
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My college-aged daughter, Lindsay, did a crazy thing recently. She adopted a dog. And she didn’t just adopt your run-of-the-mill SPCA dog. She adopted a purebred Australian Shepherd. He is white with brown markings and he’s got crazy blue eyes. And he is deaf. I didn’t know...

Let Us Draw Near...Together
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Have you ever thought about why most gym memberships are begun in the month of January? Is it because we feel like we've been so self indulgent during the holidays that it's time to buckle down and renew some sense of self-discipline? After all, if we lived the way we tend to live...

One Sunday (a story loosely based on facts)
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This story is something I made up. It's a conglomeration of true stories I have heard over the years with some slight embellishments. It COULD happen though! One Sunday I attended University Baptist Church. I pulled into the parking lot where someone had set up cones so that overflow parking...