Redefining UBC’s Mission Partnership In NYC: Part III
Posted by A. Glenn on

In Acts 17, Paul speaks to Athenians on their turf at Mars Hill. Paul enters into the Areopagus, an historic center for politics imbued with centuries of Greek mythology, and relates the Gospel in terms that Greek political leaders of first-century Athens could understand. It is in that place...

Executive Director’s Report
Posted by David Mobley on

We tend to overcomplicate things. Ever heard those words? Maybe you’ve spoken them. We Houstonians live in the midst of the NASA community, as well as one of the most petrochemical business-laden areas of the world. We are home to world-renowned medical facilities and, more locally, boast...

The Language of Pop Culture
Posted by Steve Laufer on

In 1951 Christian ethics professor H. Richard Niebuhr wrote what is considered to be the classic exploration of how Christians should go about engaging the culture around them in their attempts to live the Christian life and accomplish the work of the church. The book, entitled Christ &...

My Granddog
Posted by Lora Doremus on

My college-aged daughter, Lindsay, did a crazy thing recently. She adopted a dog. And she didn’t just adopt your run-of-the-mill SPCA dog. She adopted a purebred Australian Shepherd. He is white with brown markings and he’s got crazy blue eyes. And he is deaf. I didn’t know...