UBC Foundation FAQ

How can it happen?

It begins with tax deductible gifts to the Foundation that are over and above normal tithes:

  • Current Contribution
  • Testamentary Gifts
  • Memorial and Honorary Gifts
  • Special Fundraising

How does investment grow over the long-term?

Suppose $1,000 is invested today, earning an average of 7% each year, unadjusted for inflation, and the earnings are reinvested. How might it grow?

$1,000 INVESTED        


Value in 10 years


Value in 20 years


Value in 30 years


Value in 40 years


Value in 50 years


How will gifts to the Foundation impact the future?

Grants to special ministries not covered by the church budget. Examples are:

  • Mission trips or projects
  • Support for foreign missionaries
  • Prison ministries
  • Scholarship grants to seminary students
  • Church planting
  • Apartment ministries
  • Aid to disaster victims
  • What can you ask or imagine?

Why does UBC have a Foundation? Why not just use the UBC annual budget?

Church operating budgets are designed to cover the short-term — current expenses. Each year the income and the outflow should be equal. Church budgets cover one year at a time. Foundations are designed for the long term. They accumulate gifts and combine them over the course of many years. The combined gifts are put to work generating more earnings.

Can I designate exactly how my contributions to the Foundation are used?

If the special instructions are consistent with the goals and policies of the Foundation, gifts are accepted under the criteria proposed by the donor. It is possible to make a gift to the Foundation designated to be used immediately instead of accumulated.

Who runs the Foundation?

Six members of UBC are elected as members at large of the Foundation Board of Directors. Generally the terms of the elected board members run for three years and are staggered so that two new members are elected each year. One member is sent by each of the following organizations within UBC: Trustees, Executive Council, and Fellowship of Deacons. The Senior Pastor and Executive Director are Ex-Officio members of the Board of Directors.

How can I find out how the Foundation uses the gifts it receives?

The Foundation makes an annual report to UBC at one of the regular Focus Meetings. UBC can obtain more frequent reports via a request to the Board of Directors.

Who pays the administrative expenses of the Foundation?

Since the inception of the Foundation in 2001, nominal requests have been made to UBC for budget funds to cover administrative expenses. In time, the Foundation will assume responsibility for its own administrative expenses. All Foundation Board members are volunteers.

Where can I find out more about the Foundation?

This web site includes the Articles of Incorporation, The Bylaws, the board members, the committees, contact information, and other items of interest. We welcome your questions and interest.

The Foundation can be reached by telephone at 281-488-8517 x450.

The UBC Foundation Communications can be reached by email.

The University Baptist Church of Houston Foundation, Inc. (Foundation), was chartered in 2001 as a special stewardship vehicle. The Foundation exclusively benefits, promotes, carries out, fosters, supports and furthers the purposes of the University Baptist Church of Houston, Texas. 

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