The 5 Love Languages

This fall Faith@Home kicks off a 6-week campaign focusing on The Five Love Languages. Learn how to express love to your loved ones in a way that fills their "Love Tank." Begin to discover your love language by visiting or by obtaining a copy of the profile at The Porch.



  • Collect SLL Bracelets for you & your family and
  • Take a snapshot at The Porch*


  • Grab fridge Magnets in WBS or at The Porch

OCTOBER 7 & 14

  • Pick up Wallet Cards in WBS or at The Porch

*Photo Booth will be available each week of the campaign, starting Sept I6th (If you missed a step, please feel free to visit The Porch to get caught up.)


Download the Survey

Children Survey

Couples Survey

Singles Survey

Teens Survey


Free Tools and Resources

5LL Brochure

5LL Fridge Magnet

5LL Wallet Card