Emotional, Spiritual, & Mental Health Support

Faith Partners:

Life can be challenging. Are you in a tough spot? Need some support and prayer? Faith Partners are individuals who are trained to walk alongside you if you need someone who will listen, pray with you and suggest resources. Contact Melissa Dutton at  for more information.


Professional Counselors:

Krist Samaritan - General Counseling

PRO-ACT Counseling-Steve Christopherson

Sagemont Church - General Counseling

Sunrise Clinic - Individual and Family Counseling
Mariana Targhetta

STCH Ministries Family Counseling

Jenny Deitz MA, LMFT-S

Katy Hewson, MSW, LCSW-S

Amy Carlson, MS, RD, LD


Additional Resources:

Soul Care Training–Understanding and treating common counseling problems from a Biblical perspective.
Contact: Charlene Wolfe

Anchor Point - Debbie Simmons
Anchor Point champions the future of children by educating and empowering parents because no one is beyond hope. Our approach is a multi-faceted 501c(3) ministry that delivers hope to families including pregnant teens and women, babies on the way, troubled youth and their families, foster and adopted children, and families considering adoption. 

  • Our counselors are available for individual and family sessions via telehealth.  Anyone who has a child that is under 36 months would qualify for no cost under our TPCN program.  This is a great opportunity for any individuals or family that are struggling with anxiety, depression, etc from this disruption in our lives from COVID 19.  We also operate on a sliding scale for anyone else in our community and do accept Medicaid and some other insurances.  An appointment or more information can be obtained by calling 832.632.1221
  • We will be hosting zoom training sessions for individuals and families on Trust Based Relational Intervention training, creating order out of chaos, and healthy self-care in this day and age.  Registrations will be available next week and then online. 
  • Material Assistance and Spiritual Support is available at our League City office.  Anyone in need of items can call and schedule a time to come in for items needed to support their children under 36 months.   Call 832.632.1221