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Parent Connection

Sunday, August 25, 5-6 PM, 3rd floor

Join us for a Townhall Meeting! Parents will be provided with a list of Student Ministries events for the year. There will be opportunities to engage, ask questions, and to meet your student's WBS small group teachers.


Love Africa: Info Meeting

Sunday, August 25, 6:30 PM, 3rd Floor Lounge

This is an info meeting about our annual mission trip to South Africa for those who are interested in going.

High school students and adults from UBC will be working with Norwegian Settlers Church on their ministry through Genesis Trust. Genesis is on the front lines in alleviating suffering from extreme poverty and the AIDS epidemic that has gripped Kwazulu-Natal. We will teach the Life Skills program at one of the local High Schools as well as assist with a multiple day regional Youth Retreat. 

We will likely serve:

  • in orphanages, schools, hospitals, and villages -
  • youth outreach and health intervention programs
  • community centers
  • providing food, resources, training, day camps for kids and other programs -
  • all as a means of sharing the Gospel.

Completed 9th grade+ (younger if accompanied by parent or legal guardian)

Trip Dates: July 2020


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Student Ministries, 281-488-8517