Spiritual Life Pathway

Welcome to the University Baptist Church Spiritual Life Pathway.

This Pathway exists to help you grow more like Jesus every day.

We have been developing our Spiritual Life Pathway to provide a way for UBCers to learn where they are in their relationship with Jesus and then give them resources to create their own plan to grow to be more like him.

As the UBC family we have been on a mission together, “Becoming a family of Christ followers, connecting people with God’s Kingdom.” This pathway is a key part of that plan.

Our goal is to provide you with a simple plan to grow in one area of your spiritual walk and then help you find another way to grow. The pattern looks like this:

To begin, click the button below and take our free online assessment.

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(The information you enter will be private. No one at UBC will be able to see your individual results.)

The Spiritual Life Assessment will provide you feedback in regards to your overall place of spiritual growth and also where you stand in four distinct categories of discipleship:

  • Beliefs
  • Practices
  • Virtues
  • Faith in Action

After taking your Spiritual Life Assessment you will receive an email with the results. In that email, you will have the option of clicking on a “What’s Next” link that will direct you back to some UBC specific resources. As you can see in our chart above, we will provide you a personal “My What’s Next” form to help you take these steps. In this form you will have some individual questions for reflection as well as the option of setting a timeline for how you want to grow.

Then, we will  provide a catalogue of resources to help aid you in your growth depending on what stage you are in and what kind of learning style you wish to engage with in your pathway.

Click here to visit the SLP resource page.

We are also utilizing in a method of spiritual growth that engages our whole self: our heart, hands, and head. You can read more about that process here: {Click HERE}

We hope you will take the Spiritual Life Pathway assessment, study the results, and choose one of the four categories of discipleship to concentrate your growth over a specific timeline. This will help you take a bite-size approach to moving forward, growing and maturing as you become more like Jesus every day.

Part of our offering is, for those who are interested, to connect with a personal coach to walk through some next steps in your spiritual journey, help recommend some resources, and provide a tailored pathway for growth. Our coaching partners are an optional step in developing your Spiritual Life Pathway. {Click HERE to request Coaching}

Then we are encouraging you to work your plan. Keep your “My What’s Next” plan in a place where you can naturally find it when you do Bible reading, devotional study, private prayer time, and other spiritual patterns. Refer to it often and check your progress.

When you’ve reached the end of your current timeline, or completed the steps you feel appropriate for your “My What’s Next” form, then feel free to take the Spiritual Life Assessment again and start in another category for your spiritual growth.

We hope and pray this Spiritual Life Pathway is a valuable tool for you. We are confident it is a great method for integrating plans, patterns, people, and points of encouragement to grow in your most important spiritual relationship. As you do, please let us know how things are going. We want to rejoice with you as you grow and see God moving in amazing ways. {Click HERE to ask a question}