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As long as the people of God have gathered together to worship, the concept of serving has been an integral part of doing the work of the kingdom. While there are a few people who are paid to work in churches, without volunteers, people just like you, the church would not be able to have much of an impact on the world.


At UBC, hundreds of people volunteer in a whole variety of positions. Some teach, some lead worship, some work in our library, others serve the homeless in our community. And yet, as you see below, there are still many ways you can serve. You’re invited to search through these volunteer opportunities and begin to hear your invitation to join in! 


So, how do you start? Great question! 

If you ever want to start your search over or clear the menu bars, you can simply refresh your page and the menus will reset. Thank you for your interest in serving God with us!


Buckner Spring Break Trip (Spring 2017)

Over Spring Break, UBCers engaged in our second serving trip with the Buckner Family Hope Center in Penitas, TX (West of Mission). Thirty participants of all ages from UBC led business classes, canning classes, soccer camp, infant and toddler...

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Are you are unsure about where you would like to serve? Fill out this short contact form and someone will help you.

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Bay Area Turning Point

BATP, Bay Area Turning Point, Inc.is a non-profit; community based social service agency providing a   variety of services, including shelter, to families in need and public education/crime prevention activities in the Greater Bay Area and...

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Beltway 8 Crisis Pregnancy Center

We provide free and confidential support services for those involved in unplanned pregnancies. Volunteers share the gospel with each client and offer the eternal lifeline of salvation. Each client is given information about the reality of...

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Driving with Care

Provides transportation for people who have medical needs and aren’t able to drive themselves, or don't have family or friends to drive them. We need folks who are day-time available with a car and a willingness to drive. Volunteer...

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Faithful Friends

Purpose Faithful Friends Animal-Assisted Therapy Ministry is a group of volunteers who take their pets to spread God’s unconditional love to others and let them  know that others care about them.  We visit patients at local...

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Generation One

UBC is committed to eliminating poverty, but that is a big initiative. UBC partners with Generation One to work with poverty issues in the Third Ward of Houston.

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