Your Serve Ministry


Primary Purpose of Your Serve

The primary purpose of Your Serve is to assist UBC adult members in discovering and serving in a UBC-related ministry that is a “perfect fit” for them.

The “Your Serve” Ministry Database

There are over three hundred different ways to serve the Lord through the ministries of University Baptist Church. These ministries reside in an online database and are correlated with the “Your Serve” survey, based on the interests and ministry values assigned to each ministry opportunity. The database has been reviewed and validated by the UBC staff and tested with UBC staff members and volunteers.

The Four Steps to Discovering Your “Perfect Fit” for Serving

 Number One
When you take the online 10-minute survey and receive your "BASIC" report via email, you will be able to see your three primary areas of interest and description of the three ministry values that describe your preferred ministry environment. You will also be able to see the top four of the twenty-two ministry categories that match your interests and ministry values. Since this is only a “BASIC” report, you will need to meet with a volunteer Connection Team Member to view your “FULL” report.
 Number Two
As soon as you complete your online “Your Serve” survey, a volunteer UBC Connection Team Member is automatically notified and will contact you to set up a time for a face-to-face discussion of your "FULL" report. The meeting usually takes 60-90 minutes. It can take place onsite at University Baptist Church or offsite at a mutually selected location.  

 Number Three
Your “FULL” report will contain not only your three interests and three ministry values, but it will also contain a list of serving opportunities that have been matched to your interests and ministry values. You can view all of your serving opportunities in a master list or you can view your serving opportunities in each of the individual twenty-two ministry categories. You will also be able to see a brief description of each ministry. By the way, the “FULL” report is online and you can view it 24/7 using your computer, phone or tablet.  

 Number Four
When you meet with your UBC Connection Team Member, you can either select a serving opportunity that you are immediately interested in investigating or you can take some time to think and pray about your selection. When you select a serving opportunity that you would like to investigate, you can either directly contact the leader of the corresponding ministry or the Connecting Team Member will contact the respective ministry leader and ask them to contact you directly.

You Will NEVER be Pressured to Serve

Please know that if you complete the “Your Serve,” survey and meet with a UBC Connection Team Member, you are not obligated to commit to a place of service. We understand that life has its seasons. Perhaps due to personal, family or work obligations, you are not able to serve in a ministry. We completely understand. However, we encourage you to go ahead and complete the “Your Serve” survey and meet with a UBC Connection Team Member. By doing this, when the seasons in your life change and you ARE able to serve, you will already know the serving opportunities that you would like to prayerfully investigate.
Randy Cox, Director of Leadership Development


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