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Jan 13, 2019

Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage

Passage: Luke 3:1-23

Speaker: Dr. Steven Laufer


Category: Sunday Sermons

Keywords: baptism, repentance, testifying

Most concerts these days have an “opening act,” a lesser known band that comes on and plays a small set to prep the crowd for the main headliner. John the Baptist served this role, in a certain sense, for Jesus. He came preaching a different kind of salvation message and baptizing people in a different way as a result. And the purpose of this was to prepare the Israelite people for the coming of the one whose ministry, life, and death would solidify that new Gospel as permanent. Jesus’ ministry would begin with John the Baptist, who pointed everybody he could to the Son of God and Son of Man. (Luke 3:1-23; John 1:19-28)