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Mar 03, 2019

He Must Become Greater

He Must Become Greater

Passage: John 3:22-36

Speaker: Dr. Steven Laufer


Category: Sunday Sermons

Keywords: ego, humility, pride, service

John the Baptist returns to the stage in a case where he is questioned about losing followers to Jesus, who was steadily increasing in popularity. He simply reminds his audience that he has always pointed others to Jesus, and that the time has come where Jesus must increase and John must decrease. In this account we see a man who gladly obeyed the Lord, but did not do so from a position of self-promotion. We do all stand to benefit from faithfulness and service to the Lord, but the goal is for people to identify with and follow Jesus, not to identify with and follow us. The humility of John is a quality we can all admire and seek to emulate.