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Mar 24, 2019

Believe In What I Say

Believe In What I Say

Passage: John 4:46-54

Speaker: Dr. Steven Laufer


Category: Sunday Sermons

Keywords: belief, faith, healing, trust

John’s second designated “sign” takes place here with the healing of a Galileean official’s son. Perhaps the rumor of Jesus’s miracle at the wedding in Cana had spread, and this official requested Jesus to come to his son and heal him. A key difference here is that Jesus did not travel to the family’s home, but simply declared the boy to be healed, not in the sight of the father. The Father believed simply because of the words of Jesus. This sets up a key contrast in John, and in our modern world. Some will only believe if they see signs and wonders. And others will believe Jesus’s word, and trust him there.