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    Fall Retreat (Focus, Fall 2018)
    01.30.19 | Students

    Fall Retreat held a special place for me this year because Trevor Downham was there as the speaker.  It’s my senior year, so most things are a little bit more important for me then they have in the past. I know my life is about to...

      Beach Retreat 2018
      06.04.18 | Students

      High School Beach Retreat offered exactly what was advertised. A retreat from social media, from responsibilities, from pressures. Students were able to step away from the pressures of school and social lives for a few days and just be kids! I...

        Student Groups (Focus, Spring 2018)
        05.30.18 | Students

        1 John 1:7 promises that if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we will have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.  Student Ministries has been walking in the light by pulling back...

          Vision (Focus, Spring 2018)
          03.01.18 | Students

          This year at Vision we challenged our students to think about what it means to be light in a dark world. Asking them to use Christ as their example, how can we bring hope, clarity, and comfort to those living in darkness? What is our...

            Engage Retreat 2017
            11.20.17 | Students

            The national forest holds a certain grandeur. As you drive down the red dirt roads with trees towering far above, you instantly become aware that you are not as important as you once might have thought of yourself. The woods are so thick that as...