Small Groups

Caregivers Group

Time | Sunday, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Location | 16106 Middlebrook Dr. Houston TX 77059

EB 210

The caregivers group will begin on April 7 and will go through May 5. We will be going through the book "How to Honor Your Aging Parents" by Richard Johnson.

Too often, people enter the role of caregiver for an aging parent unprepared, and, as a result of exhaustion, exasperation, and guilt, fail in their objective. These are not bad, lazy, negligent people. Most of the time, they simply tried to do too much. Written for any person who is caregiving or who anticipates that they will be called upon to give some form of care to an elder, this book sets out to prepare caregivers to do the best job possible to truly honor their aging parent, relative, or friend and yet not lose themselves in the process.

Will not meet Easter Sunday. Cost: Free