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Traditional Worship (Focus, Spring 2017)

05.31.17 | Worship


    Interim Pastor of Worship Ministries, Guy Cagle, has been with UBC since January. He shares some of his thoughts about the year thus far: 

    “It has been an incredible time of blessing and healing for my family and me. To see the congregation come and experience worship through hymnody, through choral singing and instrumental playing has been incredible. To be a part of a staff that is engaging in how to share the light, to experience their creativity, their love for people; to embrace those that come through the doors and those in the city. My time has been a great time; it has been a great season in our life. However long that season lasts, we are excited and rejoice in it. Thank you.” 


    The music ministry has had a busy Spring semester leading the congregation in worship each week. Our interim music pastor, Guy Cagle, is doing an excellent job of directing the choir in rehearsals and in developing worship opportunities for the congregation on Sunday mornings. Guy and the choir and orchestra put together a wonderful worship experience for both Palm Sunday and Easter. Under the direction of Larinda Horan, Chamber Singers has continued to meet and sing during worship and in the Good Friday service. UBC is so grateful for Guy and Larinda, for their leadership, vision, and dedication to our music ministry during this interim period. 

    Laura Ozinga