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Royal Ambassadors (Focus, Spring 2017)

05.31.17 | Children

    Karen, UBC’s Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries, recently joined an RA prayer session and said, “Our boys are learning how to pray.” Not only were their prayer requests intentional, but most of the boys “popcorn prayed” for each other and the world. 

    This spring the average weekly attendance for RA’s has been about 30 boys ranging in age from 1st to 11th grade. Three adult workers support the ministry along with 13 youth leaders (grades 7-11). We are grateful for the willingness of the youth leaders to invest their time each week working with the young men. 

    In January, 10 boys and girls participated in the annual UBC Pinewood Derby race with many family members and friends on hand to cheer them on. The Derby is a fun activity that encourages the participants to spend time with adult family members or family friends to work on building and fine-tuning their cars. In February, Kyle Wilson and Garet Robinson talked with the RA’s about several of UBC’s mission trips, while A. Glenn was our March guest speaking about Indian culture and faith. David Mobley joined us in April, sharing with the boys about the plight of Syrian refugees and a trip that he took to Germany to work alongside German church members who were ministering to refugees in the city of Berlin. The RA’s were given the challenge to be Christ’s hands and feet at school by being friendly to someone that seems not to have friends. 

    Over spring break, two RA families participated in UBC’s Buckner Spring Break Mission Trip, with more families planning to participate in UBC mission trips this summer. As in previous years, RA families that are unable to travel on the actual mission trips will be encouraged to help locally in Navajo trip preparation such as with van pick-up, clean-up, and return as well as partnering in prayer for those on the trips.