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Mission Friends (Focus, Spring 2017)

05.31.17 | Preschool

    Preschoolers who attended Mission Friends this spring learned about missionaries and how they told others about Jesus in exciting classes lead by Kirk Heuiser, Melanie Cureton, Stephen Gardner, Paige Richeson, and Emily Skeeter. 

    Guatemala brought information of volcanoes and missionaries serving food to different villages and teaching children how to read. We played Guatemalan games of street soccer and marbles. 

    Disaster relief was the focus on our Virginia missionaries. We learned the importance of people helping others during floods, fire, and hurricanes and asking God to supply all their needs. We can certainly apply this in our hometown. 

    We then studied about a Cowboy Church in Arizona. Our end of year party was celebrated “cowboy style” with horses made from pool noodles. 

    Mission Friends resumes September 13 for children entering Pre-K and Kindergarten (must be 4 by September 1).