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Kids’ Renovation Campaign (Focus, Fall 2017)

10.23.17 | General, Children

    The Kids’ Renovation Campaign is complete! You may recall that our Preschool, Children and Student Ministries were spread out across our campus with preschoolers in the Learning Center, children in the Education Building, and students in the Learning Center. It was a challenge to our UBC families and very confusing to our visitors. 

    The renovation campaign creates a greater accommodation for our children, improves ease of transition between worship services, increases the functionality of space, and enhances safety. In addition, it provides our children with the skills and tools they need and allows them to envision how they might serve in their community and around the world while reaching their full potential in Christ. 21 

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    The renovations completed: 

    • Bathroom modifications to move the entrance into the children space for improved safety as well as making them kid-friendly 

    • Entrance update to provide a roomy welcome area with check-in and guest connection 

    • Age appropriate aesthetics reflecting UBC’s Belonging, Preparing and Serving themes 

    • Room modifications to maximize space and update teaching technologies 

    • Lighting and sound updates in the Great Room to accommodate children large group time 

    We were challenged at the start of renovations to create walls in our halls that were both educational and inspirational. With a child’s perspective in mind, we have taken the Belonging, Preparing, and Serving vision of our church and interpreted that visually. Using an airplane, we’ve invited kids to join a spiritual journey of Serving. The journey starts at home but then kids can “travel” to the Dominican Republic, Africa, Central America, or meet the Navajo people. The sky’s the limit. We’ve incorporated the theme into a fun mural to help kids imagine together as if they are in an airport and could travel to these places. Then, to support Belonging and Preparing, I’m excited that every single week kids will see five faith goals as a part of a treasure that we hope they find. We hope they will learn how to navigate through the Bible, learn how to pray, live a life of worship and learn how to share and defend their faith. 

    -Karen Murphy, Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministry 

    Be sure to stop by and check out the renovations!