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    Bilingual Christmas Eve 2017

    12.31.17 | Categories: Worship

    Join us in celebrating UBC’s first bilingual Christmas Eve service this year! Members of our Spanish-speaking WBS group (“Vastago de Gracia” = Rod of Grace) helped translate the spoken word during the 5:30 pm family-friendly...

      Advent Season 2017

      12.31.17 | Categories: Worship

      Advent season at UBC is always a fantastic time filled with beautiful music and powerful worship services. This year the UBC Choir and Orchestra presented Glory, a Christmas service filled with wonderful music while telling the story of how...

        Contemporary Worship (Focus, Spring 2017)

        05.31.17 | Categories: Worship

        Ben and Sound of Light have been hard at work leading worship for various ministries and organizations. Being a part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and supporting Coach David Ward is always an honor and joy. The event was a great...

          Traditional Worship (Focus, Spring 2017)

          05.31.17 | Categories: Worship

          WORDS FROM GUY CAGLE  Interim Pastor of Worship Ministries, Guy Cagle, has been with UBC since January. He shares some of his thoughts about the year thus far:  “It has been an incredible time of blessing and healing for my...

            Contemporary Worship Ministries (Focus, Dec 2016)

            01.31.17 | Categories: Worship

            This past fall, Sound of Light travelled to Port Lavaca, TX to lead an energetic worship set for a large group of students at Calhoun High School. It was a blast to see these students worshipping and responding to God! We will be going back in...

              Palm Sunday: Festival of Praise (Focus, Apr 2016)

              04.30.16 | Categories: Worship

              At seven o’clock in the evening on Palm Sunday, March 20, the Bay Area community enjoyed a classical choral concert featuring University Baptist Church (UBC) and Clear Lake United Methodist Church choirs and orchestras in...