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Bible Drill (Focus, Spring 2017)

05.31.17 | Children

    Bible Drill is an important part of the Spring Semester. It’s not just about learning to maneuver and work through the Bible, it’s about commitment. We had a great group of kids that followed through, even when it got hard, and finished Bible Drill. Six took part in the Church Drill with three qualifying for Association and State Drill! 


    We are proud of each one of them! 

    CHURCH DRILL (March 19, 2017) 

    1. Grant Bahnsen
    2. Barrett Brummett
    3. Sophia Mitzner
    4. Tucker Padron
    5. Anabelle McDonald
    6. Haley Teutsch 

    ASSOCIATION DRILL (South Main BC, Pasadena, March 26, 2017) 

    1. Tucker Padron
    2. Anabelle McDonald
    3. Haley Teutsch 

    STATE DRILL (Tallowood BC, Houston, April 7, 2017) 

    1. Tucker Padron - State Winner Good
    2. Anabelle McDonald - State Winner Superior
    3. Haley Teutsch - State Winner Perfect