Recent Facility Updates

Classroom Remodel

2013 was a great year where we saw our debt eliminated, our emergency fund fully funded, and contributions of almost $675,000 over budget. Since our spending came in under budget, we ended the year with an $800,000 surplus. That allowed us to begin a long overdue update of our facility.
The first stage of the update was a complete remodel of the original classroom space in the Education Building. This required moving our children to the second floor of the Learning Center. The remodeling project itself included the first and second floors by the Chapel as well as the classrooms above the fellowship hall. The remodel included enhanced hallways, removal of the in-room preschool bathrooms, expansion and remodel of the main bathrooms, and all new upgraded ceiling grid and tile in the classrooms. 

Architect rendering of 2ndfloor project

Completed project 1st floor view

The second stage of the update was to create an age appropriate, attractive, and fun children’s space on the second floor of the Learning Center. That has been a huge bonus to our families since preschool, elementary age children, and teenagers are now all located in one building. The second floor was updated to include an eye catching themed welcome area, check-in stations, enhanced sound and lighting in the Great Room (renamed "the Hangar"), as well as improved security access and surveillance systems. 

Completed Children’s Area


Updated Master Plan

We also commissioned an updated master plan to reflect our next projects and begin to plan for additional future expansion. Notice what was then a proposed site for the Pavilion at the top of the image, the Mission Training Center site in the bottom right, additional parking under consideration at the bottom of the image, and proposed future building expansion connecting to the east of our current Worship Center.

Master Plan 2013 


Recreation Project

In 2013, the Pavilion, which was the centerpiece and initial piece of the Recreation Project, was approved. It was funded from designated contributions.

Completed Pavilion

Pavilion in use

The Pavilion is located north of the parking lot, as shown in the image labeled “Master Plan 2013.” Additional playgrounds, walking track, and updated practice fields will eventually be added as funding allows.


Mission Training Center 

In addition, generous gifts made it possible to construct our Missions Training Center, which is located in the bottom right portion of the site plan above. This facility provides secure storage of the disaster relief trailers as well as facilities for disaster training.

MTC under construction

MTC in use


Foyer modifications

The single narrow entrance from the Worship Center to the Fellowship Hall had been an ongoing frustration for people attending UBC. In 2018 we expanded the corridor by removing the men’s restroom and added a second archway, which dramatically improved traffic flow between services. Now it is hard to imagine being without the extra elbow room.

Completed foyer modification


Student Ministries remodel

In March, 2019, we started a major renovation project on the 3rd floor. Over the years, the 3rd floor has seen thousands of students participate in every wild and crazy event we could dream up. Millions (in Kyle’s best estimate) of donuts and slices of pizza have been eaten, and a few conglomerations of ingredients we might not want to talk about have been consumed just to win a game here and there.
Hundreds of godly, caring adults have worked hard to build relationships with students so they might earn the right to speak the truth and love of Jesus Christ into their lives. But, as is the case with any heavily used space, it was time to update the third floor so that we can continue to impact students in the Clear Lake area. To date, the renovations have been fully funded, and work is nearing completion.

Completed 3rd floor

3rd floor in use

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