Preschool Safety & Security

Check-In System

  • Parents should use our electronic check-in system before bringing the child to class. We want to keep each child as safe as possible.  Every Sunday morning, please check-in on the computer to receive a Name Tag/Check-In Label and Pick-Up Label.
  • If you are a first time guest at UBC, please stop at the Preschool Welcome Desk to receive your labels.
  • Parents should take the Pick-Up Label with them and MUST present the label to the volunteer when picking up their child.
  • Pagers are available for use. Parents will be paged if the child should need your assistance.


  • At least two adults must be present in each classroom, except in the event of an emergency or special situation.
  • Every volunteer has completed an application and a background check run within the past 24 months.
  • Windows and door windows are left uncovered so that the view into the classroom remains unobstructed.
  • Changing tables should be in plain sight in the classroom.
  • Volunteers are never to take a child to the bathroom alone. They will assist children only when asked.

Incident Report

In case an injury or incident involving your child occurs, an incident report will be completed and signed by the director, parent and volunteer. A copy will be given to the parent. 

Illness and Infectious Disease

In order to try to protect individuals from infectious diseases, we follow these guidelines:

  • A communicable disease will be defined as an illness; a departure from health; a particular destructive process in an organism with a specific cause and characteristic symptoms that may be transmitted to others with the threat of jeopardy to their health. This may range from a common cold to the HIV/AIDS virus.
  • No child will be allowed into the preschool area when he/she has any of the following symptoms:
    • Has been ill during the previous 24 hours
    • Has had a fever during the previous 24 hours
    • Has had any symptoms of the usual childhood diseases such as chicken pox, pink eye, croup, measles, strep throat, etc.
    • Has a contagious skin infection including but not limited to impetigo, ringworm, etc.

We cannot administer medication.

If your child becomes ill during a preschool session, we will remove him/her from their classroom and contact you immediately. If your child develops an infectious disease following a session, please contact the Preschool Ministries office immediately.


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