Sundays & Wednesdays for Preschoolers

Details for Preschool Sunday Mornings!

We are so excited to have preschoolers return to Weekend Bible Study! During this transition time and in order to make this a safe experience for everyone, here are some details that you will need to know. Click HERE for details for Preschool Sunday Mornings!

Click HERE for Remote Check-In instructions



Weekend Bible Study

Sunday mornings  9:00 & 11:00 am

Learning Center – 1st Floor

UBC provides an environment that encourages preschoolers, birth – PreK-4, to learn about God’s love through Bible study which includes Bible-related activities, stories and praise time.

Sunday Helpful Hints

Safety and Security


Praise Kids

Sunday Evenings  4:45-5:45 pm (Fall & Spring)

Rooms LC 1st floor

Preschoolers, 3 years (by Sept. 1) – 4 years, learn to worship God while learning fun songs, playing instruments and participating in musical activities. Praise Kids presents a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert each year. Come join the fun!



Mission Friends

Wednesday Evenings  6:00-7:00 pm (Fall & Spring)

Room LC 145 

Preschoolers, ages 4 years (as of Sept 1), gather to learn about missions work, both locally and worldwide, through hands-on activities, Bible and mission stories.


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Preschool Ministries, 281-488-8517