My What's Next

Thank you so much for taking the Spiritual Life Assessment. This is an amazing way to take an important step in growing in your relationship with Jesus.

Now that you have your assessment information, you’re probably asking: What’s Next?

So here are some basic next steps that you can take to implement a plan to grow more like Jesus. The assessment is the first step, these next steps will help you as well.

Review your assessment result
  • Look for things that encouraged you
  • Look for things that concerned you
  • Summarize where you are at in a short, self-written paragraph
Go to our “My What’s Next” form, download it, and fill it out
  • Our self-directed “My What’s Next” form is available {HERE}
  • Look through the “My What’s Next” and fill out the questions and get a trajectory
  • See where your foundational steps are and think what, if any, changes can happen
  • What one category of your results do you feel most drawn to grown in?
  • Fill in action steps in the “Heart, Hands, Head” categories for growth
    • Go to our online curriculum catalogue and see what options are available and recommended for the specific area and levels for growth
    • Add those options into your plan
  • Then consider your timeline: are you wanting to take 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months to grow in this area?
  • Finish the sentence: I will engage with others by __________________
    • Growing together is a key part of discipleship
    • Growing on our own is another important part
  • Write up a summary paragraph outline where you are and how you plan to grow
  • Let us know if you have any questions or want some assistance with “My What’s Next”
Consider connecting with a Coach to help you pull this plan together
  • We have a set of coaches available for connection through our Faith Partners at UBC
  • A coaching visit, either virtual or in person, can be scheduled for you and a coach {Click HERE to request Coaching}
  • This is a great way to put together a plan with another person who can help you think about your intentional next steps
Begin to work out your plan
  • Keep your “My What’s Next” form near where you have your Bible, your study resources, and a normal place for you to engage with study
  • Refer to it regularly through the your timeline
    • Set notifications in your calendar to remind you to look at it
    • Update it regularly if there are things you can add or shift to improve
    • Make sure it works for you and your style of growth

SLP Next Step Catalog

We are here to help, so just reach out to us in the Adult Ministry office and we will be happy to chat. {Click HERE to ask a question}

The UBC Spiritual Life Pathway is a key part of our next level discipleship culture that is a valuable part of our church.

You have already taken important steps today and we are looking forward to hearing how you’re doing in the days and weeks to come.