Current UBC News

Current COVID-19 update (posted 8/6/2021) 

Given the current rise in Covid infections and hospitalizations in our area, we have decided to make the following adjustments to our Covid safety policies at UBC:

  • We will return to modified social distance seating on the main floor of the Worship Center.
  • Alternate pews will be reserved with our small signs again to assist with spacing.
  • We encourage attendees to wear face coverings if they prefer to do so. However, face coverings will continue to be a personal choice on Sunday morning with the following exceptions:
    • UBC Staff who are working on Sunday mornings will wear face coverings
    • The choir, orchestra (those who are able) and others who are on the platform on Sunday mornings will wear face coverings except when they are speaking (i.e. scripture readers, prayer, sermon, etc.)
  • The Worship Center will be cleaned between services.
  • Electrostatic spray cleaning is still being utilized in many of the classrooms.

These policy changes are only in affect for Sunday mornings. Covid policies throughout the week at UBC remain unchanged. We will continue to monitor the situation in our area and announce any additional adjustments to our safety procedures as the situation warrants.


Current COVID-19 update (posted 5/19/2021) 

With vaccines readily available in the Clear Lake area, wearing a face covering at UBC is now a personal choice. We continue to encourage face coverings for those who prefer to do so.

Please remember to practice Christ-like kindness to others regardless of their personal choice in this matter.


COVID Protocols Update:
  • In response to current CDC recommendations, if you are fully vaccinated AND at least two weeks past your final dose, you no longer are required to wear a face mask or physically distance at UBC. 
  • Children's Ministry and Student Ministry will no longer require masks for kids or students. 
  • We encourage those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask to continue to do so. 
Worship Center
  • The Worship Center will be reconfigured in light of these changes.
  • The two outer sections on the floor of the Worship Center will remain socially distanced.
  • The remainder of the WC will go back to normal seating configuration.