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Buckner Spring Break Trip (Spring 2017)

Over Spring Break, UBCers engaged in our second serving trip with the Buckner Family Hope Center in Penitas, TX (West of Mission). Thirty participants of all ages from UBC led business classes, canning classes, soccer camp, infant and toddler care, and a construction team helped a local family build their new house. 

Each of these activities contributed towards Buckner’s overall goal of transformational community development in a notoriously neglected and underserved population living in the colonias along our border. 

One of the highlights of the week was working alongside Buckner personnel who are passionate about the community they serve. We learned about and discussed many of the systemic issues relating to poverty in the border region and had times to reflect on the church’s response to these daunting needs. Additionally, we were able to wrestle theologically with issues first-generation immigrants are facing in this country. 

Check out Buckner's blog post and a local news article written about the trip! 

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