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As a family, we are committed to help one another, to minister to one another, to love one another, to pray for one another. In good times, and in times of crisis, we seek to be the presence of Christ with our church family and in our world. The Small Group is the best place to find care and support when needed, but members of the pastors’ team offer extra help, including ministry in times of loss, pastoral conversations and prayer for those dealing with personal and relationship problems, and referrals to professional Christian counselors when counseling is called for.

Sunday and Weekday Small Groups

Sunday Morning Groups for All Ages

UBC offers a variety of small groups for adults, students, children, and preschoolers that meet on Sunday mornings, for the most part, and function between Sundays as primary points of care ministry. Each group designates someone to coordinate its efforts to minister to group members and their families during times of crisis and uncertainty. Groups regularly and intentionally offer food, the ministry of presence, prayer, and sometimes limited physical resources during times of sickness, injury, loss, job transition, family break-ups, and other times of crisis. 


Weekday Small Groups for Adults

Other groups, including choirs, ministry teams, and women’s groups as well as men’s groups, offer care and support during times of crisis. 

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Care Ministries

Counseling Services 

UBC partners with STCH Ministries to provide confidential, professional therapists that are clinically excellent and distinctively Christian.

  • Marital issues and marriage enrichment
  • Parenting challenges
  • Childhood and adolescent struggles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Grief counseling

Although clients are encouraged to give donations to support this ministry, there is no fee for these counseling services.

For an appointment, call 346.214.5020

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Caregivers Workshop

A presentation and discussion designed to provide resources for those who are caring for aging parents or an infirmed loved one. This valuable workshop featured experts from the medical, legal, mental health and other relevant professions.

Caregivers Workshop (audio)


Crisis Ministry

Though we can’t help everyone, and we can’t help anyone with all of their needs, UBC wants to help those who are in financial crisis and need a helping hand. For members of the UBC family, this usually happens in the context of the Weekend Bible Study (WBS) or another small group. However, the Pastoral Care office often coordinates with the WBS group to supplement their efforts.

UBC also works with area churches and other organizations, including Interfaith Caring Ministries, to offer assistance to those in our community who, due to job loss, family break-up, or illness or accident, need help with utilities, housing, food, or other basic needs. This is usually done on a one-time basis.


UBC Deacons

UBC periodically elects men and women who have demonstrated the serving spirit in their lives to serve with others in the body of Deacons. The role of the deacon at UBC is based on the New Testament model of those who were selected to wait tables, provide childcare for orphans, and elder care for widows, so that the apostles could devote themselves entirely to prayer and preaching the word.

UBC deacons serve on specialized ministry teams and in teaching and helping roles, allowing the pastors to devote themselves more fully to the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every deacon is encouraged to find their place of service, sometimes leading a ministry team, and other times serving on one.

Click here to download "Meet Our Deacons," a booklet with pictures and information about the UBC members currently serving as deacons.

Deacon ministry teams at UBC include after-worship prayer leaders, financial management, widows ministry, church ordinances, and bereavement ministry. Deacon-led ministry teams include hospital visitation and practical care ministry. Here are some summaries of several of the teams.

Financial Management Ministry

Trained in the principles of financial management by Dave Ramsey, members of this team will offer basic counsel regarding finances including budgeting, plans for debt retirement, and help in setting financial goals and directions.

Hospital Visitation

This team seeks to make contact with those whom we are aware are in local and area hospitals. The team visits or calls and offers prayer and other support during these times of critical need. Anyone who has the SHAPE for this ministry is welcome to be on the team.

Ministry to Widows

This Deacon-led ministry team seeks to stay in-touch with the widows and widowers of UBC, offering practical help around the house, as well as answering questions and sharing information about the life of the church.

Practical Care Ministry

The mission of this team is to offer help with simple to not-too-complicated repairs and general household maintenance issues for senior adults and single moms. From changing light bulbs to repairing minor appliances to helping with yard work, the team is made up of skilled persons with willing hearts.


Support Groups and Networks of Support

From time to time, as needed and called for, UBC offers the opportunity for folks to come together in support of one another during or more likely after a major life crisis. These include: loss of a loved one, major illness, divorce, job loss.

There are also those in our community of faith who’ve gone through a crisis and perhaps found some helpful tools or methods for dealing with life in the midst of a crisis. Sharing their experiences with others who are going through it today is a way God gives them to minister to others.

For the name of someone you might talk to who understands because they’ve “been there,” or for information about support groups, contact the Care Ministries office.


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