Heart, Hands, Head

As we engage in our Spiritual Life Pathway, we realize that discipleship, the becoming more like Jesus every day, can be complicated and confusing. We also realize that one person’s approach to discipleship might be different than someone else. Discipleship is also holistic, it is created to engage our whole person.

Growing to become more like Jesus means we need to grow beyond just going from one class to another or from reading one book to another or going on one mission trip to another. To help with this, we’re presenting a model of discipleship engagement that utilizes our “Heart, Hands, Head” for complete growth.

Here’s what that means: 

Heart – What are you passionate about? What are you naturally drawn to? What comes out of the heart are the things that motivate us and inform our actions in life. When we talk about the “heart” part of discipleship we will often refer to worship, prayer, outward actions, practices, and matters we can act on for ourselves.

Hands – What are acts of service? How can you be the hands of Jesus in ministry? This often refers to our serving areas, places of volunteering, serving trips, etc. Practical exercises and actions fall into this category.

Head – What are you learning? How are you growing intellectually in your faith? This is the way we study and grow in our understanding of Christianity. Often this is about the books we read, classes or seminars we attend, or courses we take.

We hope this helps explain our approach of the “Heart, Hands, Head” model for discipleship. If you want to talk more, and even schedule a time with a coach, please email us at: