Faith @ Home exists to help you become intentional about building faith into everyday life.

Building faith at home. That’s a challenge we all face in our families. Whether you’re single or married, have young children or are an empty-nester, you will find the practical resources and step-by-step guidance you need to nurture faith at home—tailored to fit your unique needs.

Take advantage of these tools designed to inspire and equip Faith @ Home intentionality.

Upcoming Events  
Dinner and a Marriage

At Dinner and a Marriage®, couples experience intimacy privately while enjoying a delicious dinner and dessert. Following dinner is fun marriage encouragement led by Sherry and Mike Miller & Hattie and Josh Noworatzky.

Dinner and a Marriage® is a very special date night for married couples. We provide a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. All you need to do is come and unplug from the everyday stressors of life. Hope to see you soon!

Space is limited. All Dinner and a Marriage® registrations are made online.
Registration & More Info

Tuesday, January 14, 7-8:30 pm at Villa Capri


NEW! Faith Partners Ministry

We are Faith Partners. We are men and women who have been walking the path of following Jesus for many years. We are not perfect—we have our own weaknesses and struggles—but we care. We believe God has gifted us with spiritual gifts that He works through to encourage and help those who are struggling. 



Featured Resources


The 5 Love Languages: Understanding Yourself and Meeting the Needs of Others


Connected 3D: Making Time To Make Connections


Faith Path: Guide Your Child's Faith Journey One Step at a Time


Explore: Assess Your Current Level of Intentionality


Read: Resources for Your Life Stage


Listen: Get Inspired and Learn on the Go


Do: Take Action


All this and more available at The Porch, in the Fellowship Hall.