UBC's Next Generation Expansion Project

Welcome to the website home for UBC’s Next Generation Expansion Project. If you’ve been in our Focus Meetings or other expansion related gatherings over the last year, you have already heard about the next steps to remodel and expand our campus to prepare UBC for the next generation of ministry. Many people have been praying, discussing, researching, and planning as we try to discern God’s direction and the path forward.
We’ve created this space to allow you to follow along and/or review the concepts, conversations, and rationale for this project. It is definitely “God-sized,” and we want to make sure all of the family is informed and that everyone has a chance to weigh in on this important venture. If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to contact a member of the Executive Committee or the Next-Gen Team.
A couple of notes about the assignment:

  1. This section is dynamic and will be updated as new information develops.
  2. No decision has been made to start building. We are very much in the planning stage and will continue to bring updates to the church as the project continue to develop.
  3. The Next Generation team started meeting in 2018 at the request of the Executive Council to evaluate some large-scale remodeling needs. The assigned tasks were to re-examine the existing UBC Master Facility Plan, explore the current, necessary technology and facility updates (initially related to the Chapel and Worship Center), and bring back a recommendation about how to proceed.
  4. The team was asked to evaluate the impact that any remodeling projects would have on UBC’s ability to meet the needs of the community, and on our ability to maintain our worship services and other key activities during any remodeling project.
  5. Any subsequent recommendation needed to both fit with our church’s vision for the future and enhance our community’s ability to connect with our church. 

With that, feel free to explore. Click on a button to read through the thoughts and considerations of the team, possibilities considered, drawings, and images that have been produced along the way. We hope you will be excited to explore how God is leading us together.

Recent Remodeling/Expansion

Vision and Master Plan Updates

Worship Center Seating Capacity

Most Recent Renderings

Park Plans