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Illumination Arts Ministry

Our mission is to be an art community that illuminates the love of Christ; drawn together by our love for art as together we find our God-given creativity while growing spiritually, artistically and personally. For more information, contact Julie Ranna at  .

  • Feb 18 - Morgan True Blum - Book Illustration
  • Mar 18 - TJ Dyer - Learning the Drawing Dance
  • Apr 15 – Rick and Tonya Wright - Set Design and Construction
  • May 20 - Hilary Morris - "Created By Hilary" Card Making
  • Break for summer! See you in September.
Illumination Arts - Knitting Group

Monday mornings 10am-Noon, Room EB 101

We are on break for the summer! Please join us in the fall.

Can you make a wearable garment with two sticks and string? Do you want to? Would you like to make hats for babies or chemo patients, shawls for prayer, sweaters for family, toys for children, blankets, scarves, socks, slippers...? Do you need a way to relax and let anxiety from life move through your fingers and hands to create art, function, and order? Then UBC Knitters, an Illumination Arts Ministry, is for you. For more information, email  or visit


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Lora Doremus, 281-488-8517 x325