Sundays for Kids

Sunday Morning KidZone

We're all about choices! Kid Zone is our Sunday morning Bible Study for kids and is the foundation of children's ministry. It consists of three very different experiences, allowing for a family to choose which learning environment best fits their child. Kids have three distinct opportunities to learn more about the Bible. Your child may attend one, two, or all three!

Hands-On Bible — 8:15 am

This is a small group experience that is very hands-on. We use unique games, snacks and crafts to help kids learn about God. Jesus used everyday things to teach important truths - and we do too! Each lesson contains a Bible Point based on a specific Bible verse. This format fires up kids’ imaginations and has them discovering God’s love in an incredible, tangible way! Kids have such a GREAT time discovering the Bible, and they are excited about coming to Bible study each week. First-fifth graders meet together.

Disciple Land — 9:30 am

This is a traditional, graded small group discipleship class designed to help kids reach their peak potential as disciples of Jesus Christ. Each week is filled with engaging Bible stories, inspiring role models, fun activities, and memory verses. Kids have the opportunity to build community with one another and to connect

The Mix — 11:00 am

  • Option 1:  Disciple Land - This consists of two traditional small groups (grades 1-3 and grades 4-5) that use Disciple Land curriculum (used at 9:30 am).
  • Option 2:  Disciple Town - This is a place where kids experience the excitement of a large group time with music, singing, media, games, skits, object lessons and "surprises" and still have the best in the intimacy of small group connections. After the lesson time, they break off into small groups to talk about how to use what they learned in their daily lives and pray together. Our older children help lead the singing and work the multimedia.

Sunday Morning Check-in

Information about checking in and picking up your child.


Sunday Nights

Handbells  4:00–4:45 pm

Children and music are an important aspect of UBC.

Children learn to praise God through music by learning to play rhythm instruments, choir chimes, and handbells. They also learn basic music-reading skills.

Chorus Kids  4:45–5:45 pm

Chorus Kids is a great place for children to learn to sing and worship God through a variety of musical experiences. Kids sing cool songs, play fun games, and learn about worshiping God. The kids present a Christmas concert in December and a musical in late spring. In addition to this, they participate in worship throughout the year.

Our goal in Chorus Kids is to train children musically and provide an atmosphere that allows them to express their love for Jesus through the songs they sing.

Those participating in Chorus Kids will be introduced to basic musical skills; rhythm, melody with some harmony and the addition of choreography to enhance the program.

Our mission is to weave together musical concepts with teaching our children to praise and worship God so they can lead others to him when sharing their music. All of this is accomplished in a loving, caring environment lead by our gifted directors and supported by our dedicated parent volunteer helpers.

Snack Supper  5:45–6:00 pm

Kids can enjoy a pizza snack supper between activities for $1 per slice in Fellowship Hall.

Bible Blast  6:00-7:00 pm

Grades K-3

Kids come together for a time of Bible skills, drills, and thrills! They will learn the books of the Bible, verses, key passages, Bible history, and life application. These Bible skills are taught through games and music, and kids have a blast learning to love God’s Word.

Bible Drill  6:00-7:00pm

Grades 4-5

Helping kids hide God's Word in their hearts! This class is an AMAZING DISCIPLESHIP class for pre-teens!

Kids who are in Grades 4-5 are challenged to step it up a notch with Bible Drill. This class takes Bible memory to a new and exciting height.

Bible Drill is made up of three cycles of verses and key passages. The cycles rotate over a three-year period. Kids who are in Grades 4-6 are eligible to participate in the Children's Bible Drill. The purpose of the drill is to help kids:

  • increase in knowledge of the Bible;
  • develop skills in locating Bible books and key passages;
  • memorize the names of the books of the Bible in order plus selected Bible verses and key passages;
  • learn how to apply the Bible to their lives.

One of the most rewarding and fun elements of Bible Drill is participation in the church, association, and state competitions. This is not a competition against other kids; it is competition against the clock. The kids do not have to participate in the competition; however, it will be so rewarding for them if they do. Please note that we are not interested in individual scores. We just want to ensure that the children do their best and learn as much as possible about God’s word.

It is always so fun and encouraging to see other kids from other churches doing the same thing we are doing.

Parents play such an important role in this class. Your kids will need your help and encouragement with learning Bible verses, Key Passages, and the books of the Bible.